Why Getting Ready for the Day Is Good for Your Mental Health


Hi, guys! I’m writing this post about why getting ready for the day, every day, is good for your mental health. I find mental health to be sexy and important.

The reason I find mental health an important topic to address on my blog is because we all have the responsibility to care for ourselves mentally.┬áBeing with a professional escort is a great way to stimulate and heal yourself mentally and spiritual as well as physically – which is why you should book a session with me today.┬áBut beyond snuggles, cuddles, and kisses, there is a great way to promote good mental health: and that’s getting dressed for the day, every day.

You see, when I get dressed for the day, it signals to my brain that the day has begun. Gone are the lazy thoughts about staying in bed, because I’ve gotten into real pants. Gone are the wishes that the weekend could last forever, because I’m already dressed to rock it out on a Monday. Gone are the anxieties that I’ll fail at life, because who can fail when they are already dressed and ready to go?

I prefer a go-gettter attitude in men, and I find it especially sexy when a man takes the time to get himself dressed for the day. Even on a relaxing day off, he dons his best sweats and T-shirt, and relaxes to the fullest, knowing that he’s dressed to handle this day.

When I’m wearing my pajamas all day, it usually means I’m sick and need to stay in bed. It signals to my brain that everything is not ok, and it stops me from getting a lot done that would help me out (like grocery shopping, meeting with friends, and going for walks with DD, my dog.)

Therefore I rarely wear pajamas outside of the bed at sleepy time, and my comfy clothes are reserved for relaxing only. In this way, my mind is clarified because it easily can tell the difference between work time and play time.

Do you find yourself feeling better when you’ve gotten out of PJs and into something nice to wear for the day? I bet you do! It’s hard to avoid feeling better when you take better care of yourself.

Thanks to all who are caring for themselves today, because it’s a gift not only to yourself but to those people around you. I love you dearly and am wishing you a very good mental health day!

Casually undressing for you,