Scheduling & Life Update (Not Your Average Update)



Good evening and good day, everyone! I’m here at my flat, writing a rather personal blog post for you lovely individuals to read at your leisure.

On the first point, I’ve decided to schedule time for myself to schedule my appointments and bookings – and that time will be on Sundays and Mondays going forward. You see, as an artistic woman who happens to be blessed with hella ADHD and mental health stuff, scheduling is hard for me to do every day, so I’ll be focusing my Monday mornings and Sunday afternoons to scheduling new appointments. If we have already been acquainted, then it will hopefully be simpler going forward with the time I make to work on coordinating arrangements.

Clearly, I am still open to accepting new friends and clients into my world, and so I needed to block this designated time to review new screening info and new appointment requests that come into my email inbox daily.

To those who have been patiently reaching out to me, I wish that you feel more appreciated in the coming weeks as I implement my new scheduling routines.

As far as life updates, here’s the big news: My family knows – and I mean, they know – that this is my lifestyle. How? Because I decided to rip off the Band Aid and tell my mom and dad that their little girl isn’t so little anymore, and that I’m making decisions based on Big Girl Ideas.

Needless to say, my family is less than thrilled about my choice of lifestyle and decision to live as an independent escort in the adult entertainment industry; and my friends are like “What the f*ck? Why did you tell this to your parents?!”

But I myself, personally, feel like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders because I really hated lying to my mother and father about my lifestyle, all while pretending that I was their perfect daughter. The last few months since I’ve told them have been a trip (read: very hard times,) and I’m working on it in therapy (thank Goodness for psychiatric evaluations, hospitalizations, and all the necessary Doctor Love activities that are necessary when one is going through what can only be called The Shits…. AKA Inner Turmoil.)

Anyway, I wanted to share all this with you because I value the gentlemen that I’m blessed enough to call by name. And, I value those anonymous people who are watching my growth from afar. Basically, I value transparency in more than one area of life (especially transparent underwear… Lace? Satin? See-through chiffon? Gimme!) and I’m writing this blog post to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

I don’t think that either of these updates (scheduling, or living free from lying to my parents,) will change anything major in my life, besides how I feel on the inside. So thanks for reading this rather boring life update – and I look forward to seeing you individuals either in New York City, or beyond…

To infinity and beyond! XOXO,