Random Question: Should lingerie be for men, too?


Hi, readers worldwide and at home! Thanks for following me on my various socials and finding my blog relevant to your life.

Today, I had a funny thought: What if men wore lingerie? Not in like a frilly way, but in a serious way. I know you’re all rolling your eyes right now, but follow me for one second: Because it seems to me that gentlemen do care about their undergarments, as much or if not more than their female counterparts.

Never have I ever met a gentleman who has undressed in front  for me and find him wearing ratty underwear!

But, I still haven’t seen a gentleman rock a thong in the bedroom… And as a curious woman, I sometimes wonder if men ever consider wearing something like silk boxers for a special occasion.

This post is completely for something light-hearted, and I wish that any gents reading this can attest to the power of a well-groomed outfit, including boxers et cetera!

With spring in the air, I’m already looking at the beautiful shop windows. I can’t wait to see what content I’ll be creating this season…