3 Things I Learned After a Hacker Stole My Account


Dear Readers, Followers, Hackers, and Lovers alike: I’m happy to announce that thanks to the sending of my Bitcoin, the hacker gave me access back to my Twitter, Email, and Tryst accounts. Although I was scared and distressed to have my accounts held for ransom, I am so thankful for this experience because it showed me three key things:

Firstly, this experience showed me not to take anything in life for granted. Those simple things like checking your email may seem mundane, but I was totally gutted to not have access to my email account for one day. This isn’t about being addicted to the internet, and more about taking the time to be thankful for all the things that the internet allows me to be, do, and have. For example, the ability to connect with unique and special individuals (like you reading this!) is an amazing gift that the internet offers us.

In addition to not taking things for granted, the experience of losing access to my Tryst, Twitter, and email showed me how important it is to have two-factor authentication on all my accounts. These websites urged me to protect myself against hackers by using two-factor authentication, but I kept procrastinating the setup of the authentication. I paid the price for not protecting my internet resources to the best of my ability. If you, like me, have the same passwords for multiple accounts, I suggest you change them before my hacker gets to them first!

Finally, I’m learning to let things go. This experience sucked the energy out of my reserves for the entire Memorial Day weekend. A weekend that was meant to be relaxing and celebrating the arrival of summer turned into a hellish nightmare. Now that it’s over, I’m struggling to let it go and get back to my normal (semi-normal) life. And I’m learning now how important it is to let things go, because they can drag you down for even longer and longer periods of time. Easier said than done, this is something that is going to help me moving forward in my adulthood: I’m learning to live, do my best, and let go of the rest.

I have a few more follow-up emails to manage before my Tryst account is completely secured again, and I know it will take time to feel safe again online. But thank you so much for your support, it has meant the world to me during this difficult time.

Without the support of my family, it’s my friends and the lovely people like yourself who help keep me grounded in times of trouble. This bad experience has shown me that yes, I am surrounded by good people, and that’s something to be grateful for, indeed!

A little shaken up,