How to Rebuild After Disaster Strikes


Hi Everyone, How are you? I’m writing this out of pure sadness and grief over the loss of my Twitter and Tryst pages. It may sound silly, but those accounts were my livelihood. I had spent years building them up to where they were at, and a hacker took it from me within minutes or even seconds.

All this to say: Disaster struck the house of Lola today. And there’s only one thing to do and that is to pick up and start again.

Life is often like a house of cards – we build and then inevitably, we must rebuild. I didn’t wish for this to happen, because I had over two thousand followers on my other account. Even as I write this I want to shed a tear, because it hurts to have something as precious as my followers taken away from me.

I can’t wait, though, to show the hackers that they didn’t win. I am the one creating the content. I am the one who gained thousands of followers in months. And I can do it again. I can do it even better this time, because I have more freedom.

Here’s one thing: I don’t have to worry about my family discovering my Tweets. They already know about my lifestyle, so now when I re-create my Twitter page, it will be without the fear of being judged by them.

I can still use hashtags to promote my content across twitter – it’s not like I relied on retweets from followers, anyway. I know it may takes weeks, months, to build back to the same number of followers, and I wish that the number of followers has less to do with it than the¬†quality¬†of the followers I receive from the Twitterverse.

Until next time, keep following and retweeting and doing all the things. Thank you soooo much,