Cleanliness Really IS Next to Godliness


Hi, lovely people! I’m glad you’re alive to breathe the fresh Spring air of today, and thank you for reading this post. It’s great to know that you’re able to take the time and connect with me through my writing, and I wish that you find this content relevant and entertaining.

Today, as I was soaking in my bath, I realized something profound: cleanliness really is next tot Godliness. The old saying has had me confused – how can anything besides God be next to God? But as the cold days of Winter passed by, I noticed that a hot bath is something more than getting clean – it is a time to reflect and surround myself in the warm atmosphere of my own relaxation.

Earlier today, I spent a delicious fifteen minutes in the shower, shampooing and conditioning my hair. During that time, I remained silent and breathed in the sweet scent of my soaps, and the moist and humid air from the shower’s heat. I felt peaceful, even more peaceful than usual, thanks to this brief and passing moment of getting clean.

Although I sometimes need to rush and take a shower quickly, I prefer now to maintain that showering and bathing is part of my relaxation ritual. I like to incorporate aromatherapy and sometimes a candle or even low, meditation music on in the background. Most of the time, I spend a quarter of an hour to half an hour maximum in the bathtub, and even less in the shower. But those minutes mean more to me than just the suds and the soaps – they mean that I get to completely relax into the moment, with myself, alone, and feeling safe and healthy.

That’s when I realized the diving nature of having a bath – it’s the time of day when we get to reflect a little, tiny bit of God’s nature: that steady, purely confident sense of self, that radiates from the true center within each human being.

What do you find most relaxing about bath time? Do you find it meditative to get cleaned up or take a long shower? Thanks for reading and feel free to share in the comments.

Until next time, stay sexy!