A Day In My Life (My Routines)


Hi, dear readers! I’m happy that you guys are able to tune into my blog today, especially to read about a day in my life.

Here’s how my morning goes:

  1. Wake up.
  2. Feed Da Cat.
  3. Make Coffee.
  4. Wash up.
  5. Write in my journal.
  6. Wash laundry.
  7. Go out for espresso.
  8. Begin working on my daily tasks. This involves avoiding passive aggressive text messages from my mother, who seems to be completely out of touch with the fact that it hurts to be shunned from the family by edict of my father. I simply reply nicely and move on with my day. As Tolstoy wrote, “Happy families are all the same – unhappy families are unique in their own ways.” I interpret that to mean that there’s not a really perfect family, but happiness can be achieved, I believe, if the head of the household is invested emotionally and physically in the wellbeing of the members of his home. In my home growing up, I had to make due without a lot of emotional or physical leadership from the head of my home (and it’s still affecting my relationship with my parents to this day!)

Here’s what my afternoon looks like:

  1. Prepare for any appointments / attend any appointments. I usually go to appointments in the afternoon because it’s the most convenient, but if I’m not attending an appointment, I’m preparing for an appointment or scheduling future appointments.
  2. Get a bite to eat. I usually visit the local eateries because I am a New-Yorker after all, and one of my favorite parts is being able to just walk to a chosen cuisine and bring home a piping hot plate of grub.
  3. Exercise. Like the Captain commands his children in The Sound of Music, I agree that getting about twenty minutes of deep breathing and strenuous walking or exercise activity is key to a healthful afternoon. Lately, I’ve been shooting hoops at my local playground basketball court. I enjoy how the relaxing feeling of playing basketball both soothes my mind and limbers up my body. I used to be a big runner, but because that activity reminds me too much of my family, I’m more into other sports nowadays, especially sports that involve other team players.
  4. Look ahead into tomorrow. Around four or five PM, I begin to get a little anxious. I then find it the perfect time to check my calendar for the following day. I even write in my journal a second time, to check in on today’s tasks and make notes I need to remember for tomorrow’s.

And finally, my evening routine:

  1. After accomplishing the goals of the day and enjoying what that day has to offer, I begin to wind down. First I take off all my jewelry and makeup and get into my silky robe. Then I wash my hands and face, and run the bath. I like to prepare myself an aromatherapy bath with sandalwood and rose oils. Once the bath is ready, I begin to luxuriate for about ten or fifteen minutes. I so enjoy getting all hot and steamy!
  2. Rather than getting ready for bed, I put on a new outfit for the next day. Even if I don’t go out, and end up changing into PJs twenty minutes later, putting on a fresh outfit after my bath helps me prepare for the following day, the day which at this point, at evening, is already about to dawn.
  3. I write in my planner about final thoughts for that day, especially things that I was thankful for about that day. I like to look back on my other days, and see the lists of things I was thankful for – there are so many things to be thankful for, that listing them can make my gratitude feel endless!
  4. Eat supper. Lately, supper has been kind of lonely because I don’t really have anyone to have supper together with and enjoy some conversation. However, I can’t complain. I get to eat whatever I want, and then clean up at my own pace. I run the dishwasher each night before bed, so that the dishes are clean for the next day.
  5. Wash up. Finally, I get to wash my hands one more time as I prepare to go to sleep. For some reason, washing my hands before bed relaxes my body and spirit. I imagine washing away the memories of the day, making space for rest, and new memories tomorrow.

Each day feels kind of like the day before, which is why it’s so important for me to ground myself in these gentle routines. Because at the same time, no two days are alike. I like to make room for adventures as well as room for relaxation and peace, all while ensuring that my daily tasks are accomplished in due time.

Thanks for your continued support and curiosity about my life. It’s an honor to share with you all! Happy Thursday,

Kitty Lola <3