Petite. Elegant. Latina

Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Lola, and I like to specialize in providing romantic, sensual, and intellectual company for discerning gentlemen, ladies, and couples. I provide a girlfriend experience that connects us as sensual beings, and leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized. You’ll return to your daily life with a secret sparkle in your eye, a little secret up your sleeve. You’ll have that extra oomph that takes life from hum-drum to a more delicious, more inspiration-filled journey.

To become a part of my life, you must be clean, respectful, and know the value of a feminine presence.

I am a multi-faceted woman, so I bring different perspectives and enjoy role-playing, being open-minded, and exploring kinks and fetishes. Personally, I am a free spirit and unique, young woman that has always enjoyed the sensual side of life. To ensure my mental health and my physical health for your pleasure are in top shape, I’m regularly exploring personal hobbies and trying new things! I also take part in the the occasional night on the town, but I like visiting areas outside of Manhattan, too. 

When we aren’t snuggling, we will have have plenty to talk about because besides my personal interests, I am genuinely curious about yours! Besides writing (I even have my BA in English,) I spend my free time learning new languages. Right now, I’m learning French. I’ve lived all over the world thanks to my early childhood so I bring a diverse perspective and an inquisitive attitude to my sessions. You’ll get to know yourself in a whole new way after seeing yourself through my eyes. 

I love to show you that special connection that can only happen when you’re living in the moment and doing something passionate. Even though time flies when you’re having fun, the impact and memories of our experiences will last you a lifetime. 

Lola xoxo








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